We have a unique chance right now to take charge of our future and stop politicians from hijacking our lives and forcing their minority views onto us.

The motto of the Australian Moderates Party is PQA populusque australis- the people of Australia. We would like to add to that with a message to our politicians. Vox populi, vox Dei - the voice of the people is the voice of God.

While the majority of Australians are good, decent people, their voice is the voice that the Moderates Party listens to. Perhaps our current leaders should listen to that voice.

The Moderates banner was designed with our national colours green and gold, the southern cross and the federation star are from our national flag. The map of Australia has been bordered with a laurel wreath designed from the Roman Senate with PQA in place of the roman letters SPQR, which stood for the senate and the people of Rome.

Australia is a great nation, inhabited by a great people. We are prevented from achieving greatness due to political fundamentalist interference in our lives. They are holding us back.

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About Us

The Australian Moderates Party founded in 2009, was born out of the frustrations of average Australians who felt that the major political parties were not listening to the people.

The Coalition are too entrenched with big business and Labor has been taken over by special interest minority groups and no longer represents the working class.

There is no major political force that represents the bulk of the Australian people. The Australian Moderates Party wants to become that force.

The Moderates believe that the Australian people want to be actively involved in the decision processes of the nation and not to be dictated to by the politicians.

Our current politicians believe that we are not intelligent enough to engage in dialogue on matters of importance. Sure the politicians become quite friendly, almost condescending when its time to get our votes, but once elected we are ignored and treated with contempt. They try to make us believe that issues that concern us are great mysteries that only they can solve.

The policies of the Moderates are those that we believe in and what we believe the majority of people want to see implemented. If we are able to gain majority support and are successful in being elected, a Moderates Government will bring in the biggest changes to this country since federation.